An agritech social enterprise with huge range of renewable energy products offerings creating massive social impact on the lives of Farmers and Rural Households to become Energy Independent.


C/O AIC IISER Pune SEED Foundation IISER Pune Campus, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra – 411008
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Our Farmers

 Energy Independent Climate Action Farmers

The zeal for becoming self-sufficient and Energy Independent has motivated our village-level entrepreneurs to connect with AgriVijay. Now farmers are switching to Renewable Energy products such as solar, biogas, green energy such as electric reducing their dependency on grid electricity as well as fossil fuel such as diesel increasing their savings and income along with abating CO2/GHG Emissions. We have onboarded 350+ Farmers by recommending, selling and installing renewable energy products and have made clean energy solutions in agricultural activities affordable and accessible to them and other last mile consumers. AgriVijay, through its innovative sustainable business model, aids the farmers by boosting farm profitability, and improving the efficiency and resilience of the agricultural yield. Farmers are contented and satisfied with the recommendations and the products which have been installed 2 years back and till date we have not heard any grievance/ query from them.