An agritech social enterprise with huge range of renewable energy products offerings creating massive social impact on the lives of Farmers and Rural Households to become Energy Independent.


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Energy that comes from Natural sources and processes, that are constantly replenished and hence leads to sustainable environment

Fossil fuels like Firewood, Diesel are limited across the globe and their indiscriminate use by humans makes it scarce. Renewable Energy emits no or low GHGs which makes earth sustainable place to live also reducing the dependency on fossil fuels bringing increased savings and income for Farmers & Rural Households abating CO2/GHG Emissions.

AgriVijay understands the Energy needs of the farmers coupled with waste availability then Recommend, Sell & deploy the Renewable Energy products. We also provide free insurance on solar products against natural damage & theft, providing long term warranty along with assured after sales services.

Yes, The warranty varies from product to product as AgriVijay provides 10 years warranty on Biogas Digesters, 25 years warranty on solar panels and extended manufacturing warranty depending upon the product and the manufacturer.

Renewable Energy Product brings increased savings and income along with mitigating Climate Change.
Eg: Solar Water Pump which can replace Electricity & Diesel run pumps can save – Rs.15,000/month, Biogas Digester which can replace LPGs along with Firewood consumption can save – Rs.2,000/month with the benefit of Bio Slurry which replaces chemical fertilisers in the farm
Electric Tractor which replaces diesel tractor can save – Rs.25-30,000/month for farmers & Rural Households.

Any passionate Self motivated Shop Owner who wants to become an entrepreneur will be able to open his/her Franchise store with little investment it can be at Village, tehsil and block level who wants to expand the current business portfolio and venture into renewable energy which is need of the hour with an investment of 25000- 40000.

Through the help of Dedicated Website & Mobile App, Call Centres in local language, Field Sales, Technical Team and Renewable Energy Stores. AgriVijay makes all the products Available Affordable and Accessible to the farmers and rural households. For more details please get in touch with us at or call us at 96070 80008/ 9607060006